Saturday, September 24, 2011

Amy and Don

Congratulations to my beautiful friend Amy and her new husband Don! I had the pleasure of doing her flowers for her reception this past week. Their colors were eggplant and sage. 

This close up of her bouquet shows all the flowers used for the wedding. The bouquet consists of white, purple, and green cymbidium, white, purple, and green roses, white, eggplant and purple throated calla lilies, lavendar and purple lisianthus, hypericum, and lily grass. 

These were the corsages for the mothers (left) and the grandmothers (right)

 Grooms boutonniere: of course more fancy than the other bouts :)

These were the boutonnieres for the grandpas (left) and dads (right)

I made this toss bouquet for Amy as a miniature of her bouquet so she didn't have to throw hers. It served double purpose as an arrangement for the book table, which was so cute!

This was the arrangement for the dessert table. Cymibidium orchids submerged in water.

I made these arch pieces for the gazebo that the family stood under for the line. The one on the right just shows one of the corners. There was a piece on each corner. 

Half of the centerpieces were tall vases with calla liles and lily grass, and black river rocks in the bottom

The other half was a fishbowl type vase with 3 orchids, lily grass, and black rocks.

The outdoor reception was so beautiful with good food, good people, and beautiful flowers :D It's so fun to be able to share what I love with my friends and be a part of their very special day. Thanks Amy and Don!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I thought I would just post this picture of a bouquet I made for my own bridals :) My fiance is in the air force so we included his hat. It was kind of a cool picture because it shows both of our professions. 

Anyways, the bouquet consists of roses, gerbera daises, queen anne's lace (dyed blue), carnations, and blueberries, and pittosporum. Picture courtesy of Kelli West Photography. I thought it turned out nicely :D

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Apples to Apples

The wedding I did last week was so cute! The colors were purple and green (obviously) but they had some pretty sweet stuff that made it a little different than most. I did all the line flowers and centerpieces. This is the grooms boutonniere that I made with a green rose and hypericum. 

Below is one of the grandmothers corsages. I used a green rose, lisianthus, and some stock blossoms. 

The mothers corsages were different than I had ever made. They were gardenias, which is a very expensive, very aromatic flower. It smells of what heaven smells like, I'm pretty sure. But they're so big that I didn't want to add anything to it. 

These were the bridesmaids bouquets. I thought they were pretty cute with green roses, lisianthus, and hypericum. 

The centerpieces were really fun to do! They were made of 3 different heights of vases. The smallest ones were hypericum, green roses, and button mums. When we ran out of hypericum berries, we used china berries, which I LOVED and wish I got a picture of :( but all of them were pretty cute.

The middle sized vase held green apples, which are always cute. I love when people use fruit in there decor and green apples are really fun. The tallest vases were purple lisianthus, and when we ran out of that we used purple stock. 

This was the last wedding I got to help with at Sleepy Ridge, besides my own. I've really enjoyed working there and I loved the people I worked with. I learned a ton and I can't wait to take that knowledge with me as I move on to big adventures. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Circus Wedding...?

Okay, this wedding wasn't really a circus but the colors reminded me of one. The second I walked in the flower room I got so excited to see all the bright colored flowers. Different is always fun. The colors for this wedding were basically hot pink and orange and I guess the accent colors were blue and purple. I did all the line flowers. This picture is one of the bridesmaid bouquets. It consists of pink and orange roses, purple stock, and pitt. 

Below is a picture of one of the boutonnieres for the dads and grandpas. They were orange roses and blue delphinium. 

These were the wrist corsages for the mothers. It was orange roses, delphinium and stock. We glued the ribbon to it so they could tie them to their wrists. WAY more comfortable than the little elastic holders if you ask me :)

Below is one of the wrist corsages for the mothers. Pink rose, delphinium and stock. 

This was a really fun wedding to do because it was such fun colors! It's fun to get a little different sometimes and stray away from the classic color schemes.