Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacation Weddings

Yes, I had the opportunity to do some vacation wedding work over the past few weeks. But uh...I was the one on vacation :) I got to spend some time in Arkansas with my future in laws and future husband! It was such a fun time with that crazy family...they're entertaining to say the least :) 

My soon-to-be mother-in-law owns a wedding/event rental shop so I was able to help out for the 3 weeks I was there, doing flowers and such. The main event we had was decorating for a baptist wedding. For the ceremony, we basically whited out the whole stage with pipe and draping. I put together the flowers for the aisle with some help of the girls. 

The reception was all things bling. It was black, hot pink, and crystals everywhere! The most stressful thing about this was that 2 days before, we found out the bride never booked a florist, but never fear, I was there to lend a hand with some simple flowers that we thought turned out pretty good. These were 2 of 4 different centerpieces but they're the ones I did the flowers for. 

 I also got to help out at the shop with a few things. I put together 10 white centerpieces and decorated an arch for someone's wedding. 

It was so fun to be involved in all these different things. I always love being a part of weddings and decorating from start to finish. It was fun to even have experience of sitting down with a bride and groom and discussing flowers with them! It moments like these that I know I picked the right career :)