Monday, November 21, 2011

Congratulations Jake and Aubre!!

Last month, I had the privilege of going to the wedding of my good friends, Jake and Aubre. As amazing as it was to witness their wedding, it was a cherry on top to be asked to design their flowers!

This was a fun wedding to do #1 because these are such great people! and #2 the style of it isn't something you see everyday. 

Aubre's bouquet consisted of hydrangea (white and green), spider mums (dyed coral), and fern curls. The stems were wrapped in lace, which went along with the vintage theme of the day. 

Jake's boutonniere was a dahlia with hypericum and a fern curl to match his bride. 

The bridesmaid's bouquets were made with spidermums and hypericum. 

The mothers and grandmothers corsage's were dahlias and stock. 

The groomsmen, dad's, and grandpa's boutonniere's were cream dahlias and hypericum. 

The reception was held at Provo Library, which was such a neat place to have it! It was definitely a diy wedding, the bride and groom's family and friends helped make the food and all the diy decorations. It looked so good! 

The centerpieces alternated with two different colored arrangements. One was white hydrangea with coral dahlias. The other was pink hydrangea with cream dahlias. They both contained hypericum and curly willow. 

The card box was such a cute diy project. The flowers that helped hold the sign was basically a mini centerpiece. It was green hydrangea, coral dahlias, and stock. 

This idea was another diy project for the bride and groom found on pinterest. Upside-down lightbulbs on little cardstock stands held little mixes of flowers that were placed around the food table. The ones pictured below have aster, dahlia, stock, babies breath, and hypericum. 

My favorite diy addition was these painted mason jars. They also had a wild flower look with dahlia, mums, stock, aster, babies breath, and queen anne's lace. 

I had such a fun time doing this wedding and working with Aubre and all her great ideas! Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day! And a big congratulations! I couldn't be more happy for you guys :) 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Best Day of my Life

It's been such a long time but I finally got pictures from MY wedding!! I got married on Sept. 30th to my best friend and I was able to design my whole wedding and do the flowers!

I made my bouquet and all the line flowers and the centerpieces with help from Nannette York, my old boss from Sleepy Ridge, which is, of course, where I had my reception. 

My bouquet was made of Garden roses, tulips, blue thistle, Scabiosa pods, and Queen Anne's Lace.

These were the mothers and grandmothers corsages made of tulips, stock, tweedia, and pittosporum. The father and grandfathers boutonnieres were also made with the same tulips.

We had two different centerpieces. 

One type was a wildflower look in grouped mason jars. The different flowers included orange dahlias, pink roses, orange and white spray roses, white aster, peach and white stock, bachelor buttons, queen anne's lace, blue delphinium, blue thistle, and scabiosa pods. 

The other centerpieces were groups of random glass bottles that I collected from ebay, a restaurant my sister worked at, antique stores, and even the recyclery. They also included the same flowers that were in the mason jars.

These were the favors we put together. I found a place online that sells 1 ounce jars of jam. We got blueberry and apricot flavors and made these tags to go on them. 

This was the buffet piece that Nannette put together for me. It's so beautiful! She's so amazing. You can visit her blog at Doing my own wedding was so much fun, and I had a lot of help! It definitely helped me understand better the "brides point of view". Watching it all come together was the best part. It was such a beautiful day to start out a wonderful new life :D

(Pictures courtesy of Angie Maze as well as Kelli West Photography)