Saturday, June 18, 2011

Pretty in Pink

On Friday, I had the privilege of doing all the line flowers for the bridal party. The luncheon and reception was PURE pink. (Like someone had a bubble gum mishap all over the room :P).

I did 2 mothers corsages with garden roses, lisianthus, and stock.

The 3 grandmothers corsages were white roses, lisianthus and stock.

The Groom's boutonniere was a pink rose, a lisianthus bud, and green hypericum berries.

The 5 groomsmen boutonnieres were lisianthus and hypericum.

The 2 Father's boutonnieres were pink roses and hypericum berries,

The grandpas boutonniere was a white rose and hypericum.

The wedding was way fun to do. They had centerpieces that were different than anything we've done. Nannette made them her project and they turned out awesome! 

Make sure you visit her blog at

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Two Birds With One Stone

Uh, the birds at Sleepy Ridge are going to be the death of me! We found a few newly laid eggs in some nests close to the building. And these nests have guards. These birds are seriously mean! They dive bomb people every time they get close to the nests! And they actually WILL hit's terrifying. One swooped at me today and I thought I was going to have a heart attack...or a really bad headache. Imagine my dismay when, as soon as I went through that experience walking into work today, my boss said I had to go pick up some flowers! I have to go walk back to my car, past the killer birds...not cool. But it was okay, I've just learned not to make eye contact ;) Also, I've found a new parking spot that seems pretty safe...for now. haha ANYways...

I'm pretty sure the cutest weddings I've ever seen were the weddings I helped decorate this weekend :) The first one was black, gray, and yellow. They had floating yellow and white Gerber Daises for the centerpieces, but I helped put together their cute candy bar and the hanging flower balls in our outside gazebo. 

(They had m&ms, chocolate/candy covered almonds, licorice, mints, lemon heads, etc.)

(They had more flower balls, but these were my project :)

The second wedding was the most elaborate wedding I've helped with this summer. It was gorgeous! The bride's style was very vintage. Her colors were pink, blush, and champagne. I did the buffet piece, the center pieces and more flower balls! Secret sharing: we used some of the white flower balls from the wedding before since they both ordered them. shh! ;)

(This is the buffet piece. It's about 6 feet tall? No exaggerating! AKA my pride and joy. Comprised of curly willow, white and pink hydrangeas, white roses, and peonies)

(These are the centerpieces I did. They were supposed to be a much simpler version of the buffet piece. Comprised of pink and white hydrangeas, curly willow, and white and pink roses.)

This bride also had a ton of flower balls inside as well. I did the white ones :) Two are carnations and one is mums. One of the pink ones is carnations and the other one is stock. The stick ones have roses attached to them. 

To see more pictures you should definitely visit Hopefully she gets them up soon! I just barely emailed them to her :) I hate to put her pictures on my blog because I can't take credit for them! But I will add some of my favorites here. Just know that I did not have a hand in these wonderful creations! 

(If these are the cutest centerpieces ever...they were used for the 'kids room' for the luncheon. Adorable)

(I really hope we get to keep some of these boxes, I thought these centerpieces for the luncheon turned out awesome! Credit goes to Nannette, her daughter, Cassie, and Sheri)

(This is the cutest mantle display I've ever seen at Sleepy Ridge. I may just have to steal it for my wedding! The empty picture frames and vintage vases are the perfect addition to all the cute details put into this wedding. Credit goes to Sheri)