Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Home for the Holidays

Today, I was sitting at home and thinking about the end of the semester coming up next week. I only have two more semesters and will graduate in August! I really do love school and I love going to UNLV. It truly is the perfect place for me to be since Las Vegas is the world's capital when it comes to weddings and events. I've already had so many amazing opportunities here. I was able to be part of a non-profit organization and help put together the biggest fair/carnival in Nevada. I have started a mentor program through school and I get to work with the head wedding coordinator at the Mirage once a month and be exposed to so much that will help me in the industry. I was also asked to be an intern at the Venetian this month and help out for 12/12/12; the biggest wedding day of the year at the world's largest hotel! Such exciting things have come my way and I can't wait to see what the next few months bring!

Today, I was thinking about how I haven't done anything floral for so long until I realized, I'm making a christmas wreath RIGHT NOW! 

This counts as floral design, believe me :) I had a christmas wreath I made from my high school floral design class that I just wasn't impressed with any more. So I took it apart and added some ornaments and ribbon. Since I already had the wreath, it only cost me $5! 

I also made a fall wreath a couple months ago. 

This wreath was a little more expensive because I bought the grape vine wreath and the dried wheat and sticks and some silk fall leaves. I just really love the sparkly cheetah print ribbon that I used as an accent :) 

While I do love school and all the opportunities it brings me, it's so exciting to think about being done and being able to start working my dream job. I know that I'm pursuing the right career because I have so much fun doing all these things as a student! I really can't wait until I can get out into the real world and make someone's dream event become reality. Until then, I really am content beautifying my own home :) But just FYI, I will have a 5 week christmas break so if anyone is getting married and needs flowers done, don't hesitate to ask! :D