Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Collaborative Effort

The wedding last weekend was so elegant! Most of the flowers consisted of orchids, which are beautiful flowers and a little on the expensive side...okay. A lot on the expensive side :). I was able to help with some mantle pieces, some giant urns, and the centerpieces. 

The mantle as a whole, was so beautiful and fresh. I made the arrangements below (just one pictured) by floating pink cymbidium orchids and putting a floating candle on top to add to the elegance.

There were two of these urns on either side of the doors. It consists of curly willow and cherry blossoms. 

The centerpieces were gorgeous. I was able to work on them with my boss. They were made of hydrangea, orchids and curly willow. 

I love my job at Sleepy Ridge, being able to help decorate weddings. I love being a part of making someone's special day even more special. I truly have my dream job!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Congrats to Camille and Stephen!

I know it's been a while since I've last posted. I haven't been doing any flowers and it made me sad! But this last weekend, my old roommate asked me to do the flowers for her wedding. There was one catch...it was in Boise, Idaho. So me, being the crazy person that I am, picked up flowers in Provo from the wholesalers, made her bouquet and on Friday morning I took it to the LDS Bountiful temple, where she and Stephen were married. I then proceeded with $550 worth of flowers up to Boise, 5 hours away. I stayed the night with some great friends and the next day prepared all the flowers for the reception that night. Needless to say, it was quite stressful while I was just praying the flowers would stay alive. But I think they turned out pretty good given the circumstances. I took a few pictures of the flowers but I'll just give you a sneak peak since Camille's dad took some AWESOME pictures with his professional camera and he said he'd give me a CD with the flower pictures. I can't wait!

 This was Camille's bouquet, that gratefully lasted 3 days!

(I just had to put this picture in since the temple and the day was just gorgeous.)

The reception was at this gorgeous place in Eagle, Idaho called Two Rivers Clubhouse. It was so pretty with fountains and ponds. I did two different centerpieces for the reception. Four of them were in these fishbowls and I used lily grass and cymbidium orchids. The other four were in this tall square vases with green calla lilies and lily grass. 

The above was the boutonniere I made for Stephen. His had to be a little fancier than the 11 other groomsmen boutonnieres :)

(This one below was my favorite. It was for Camille's little brother--the "ring bearer" had to have one)

The above was one of the 7 corsages for grandmas and aunts. The below was one of the mothers. 

The above arrangement was the centerpiece for the buffet/refreshment table. Below was the little bouquet I made for the book table which was also the bouquet Camille threw for her bouquet toss.

Camille's little sister was the cutest thing ever! She was one of the "flower girls" who got to wear a halo. But she also requested a "pretty flower bracelet". 

This wedding was the first wedding that I did solely by myself. It was so fun to be involved with this great couple! Camille and Stephen, I wish you all the happiness in the world and thank you so much for letting me be part of your wedding!